A Manitoba woman says she felt humiliated and harassed when security staff at a shopping mall forced her to leave the building because of an outfit they deemed “indecent.”

Sierrah Anderson, 21, says she was wearing shorts, a crop top and a long vest on Monday, when she went to Kildonan Place in Winnipeg and lined up to look at a new phone.

The Selkirk, Man., resident says she was approached by security staff who ordered her to leave immediately or be charged with public indecency.

Anderson says she was confused, considering that she had purchased her shorts at the same mall.

“I felt completely humiliated,” she says. “It was embarrassing to walk through the mall while everyone could watch this happening.”

Anderson says she has more confidence than many people, and wonders what such an incident would mean for women with less self-esteem.

The mall’s general manager has apologized and said that the contracted security staff involved will no longer be working at the shopping centre.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg’s Beth Macdonnell