An Ontario woman’s community mailbox disappeared last December before reappearing nearly a kilometre away from her house.

Last year, Voula Kladis had her mail delivery changed from home delivery to a community mailbox close to her house in Richmond Hill, in the Greater Toronto Area. In December she walked over to get her mail only to find that the mailbox was gone and there was no sign or notice of where it was.

“We were a little bit confused as to what happened; we did not receive any notification. We just sort of came here and it wasn’t here,” said Kladis.

After scouring the neighbourhood for some sign of the mailbox, she found out that some people had gotten a notice of the mailbox’s move. A temporary super mailbox was placed nearly a kilometre from her house instead.

“About a kilometre doesn’t seem like a lot but it definitely is when it’s winter time,” said Kladis. “We have a lot of seniors in our neighbourhood that are not able to walk almost a kilometre to get their mail.”

Kladis has placed multiple calls to Canada Post since January 4, asking when the community mailbox will be back. Canada Post hasn’t replied to her messages and when she does get a person on the phone, they say they don’t even know it’s missing.

After an inquiry from CTV News, a Canada Post spokesperson released a statement about the mailbox saying, “Due to construction we had to move the mailbox. We understand this is creating some inconvenience. We hope to return it to its intended site as soon as possible.”

The federal government is currently spending $2 million on a review of Canada Post’s work operations and wants input from Canadians on what the Crown corporation can do better. The installation of other community mailboxes has been put on hold until the review is finished.

For the neighbourhood, there’s still no clear timeline of when the community mailbox will be back.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Pat Foran