Clipping your fingernails on public transit is gross; your super, duper important cell phone conversation can wait; and fare evasion is really not fair.

That’s according to Canadian comedian Seth Rogen, anyway.

Along with the usual announcements about signal delays and emergency alarms, Toronto transit riders will be treated to a series of lighthearted soundbites on proper etiquette courtesy of Rogen.

At the invitation of Toronto City Coun. Norm Kelly, Rogen agreed to record 12 messages lasting approximately 20 seconds on everything from wearing backpacks to personal grooming habits aboard TTC vehicles.

“Hey TTC customers, Seth Rogen here,” he says in one of the announcements. “I always hold the door for my mother because she raised me right, but holding a subway door for her would get me in trouble. I don’t need the hassle or the delay, so leave them doors alone.”

In another animated dispatch, Rogen laments the tendency of certain riders to engage in personal grooming on the TTC.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but stop clipping your fingernails on the TTC,” he says. “It’s gross!”

According to a news release by the TTC on Tuesday, Rogen’s “quirky” public service announcements are intended to make riding transit a more “positive experience” for all.

“From holding subway train doors to feet on seats to backpacks to the proper use of the emergency alarm, the humorous messages acknowledge common courtesy irritants people face each day on public transit,” the release said.

Rogen tweeted about his involvement in the project on Tuesday and said he was thrilled to participate. He also noted in the press release that he was enthusiastic about contributing to a Canadian campaign.

“I'm very proud to be Canadian and I wouldn't be who I am if it was not for Canada,” he said. “I use public transportation, myself, and would like people to not be clipping their toe nails around me.”

Toronto won’t be the first city to be greeted with Rogen’s humorous messages on public transit. The well-known actor, writer, producer, and director has already lent his voice to Vancouver’s TransLink system for a similar project. He replaced actor Morgan Freeman for the TransLink announcements following allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour against Freeman.

TTC users will begin hearing Rogen’s baritone voice across the subway’s PA system on Tuesday.