Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is back on YouTube singing with his guitar, this time with an ode to his native land.

The former commander of the International Space Station posted a homemade music video online Tuesday to celebrate Canada Day.

Hadfield noted that he and his brother, Dave, set out to make the "most Canadian music video ever," with a song they wrote together called "In Canada."

The video shows Hadfield and members of his family enjoying a summer's day together. The two brothers are seen strumming their guitars on a dock, skipping stones on a lake, playing field hockey with their families and sitting down to a barbecue meal.

But it's the song’s lyrics that really shine a spotlight on Canada and such quintessential Canadian pastimes as watching hockey, eating poutine, and camping.

"We got great big cities, but lots of trees and rocks. Yeah, the winter's cold here, wear two pairs of socks," the brothers sing.

"I've slept out in a forest, scared I'd heard a bear. I've climbed a Rocky mountain, just because it's there."

The two gently poke fun at other apparent Canadianisms.

"We pronounce the letter 'R' like we're pirates on a ship. We'll drive two thousand miles, on a summer camping trip," they sing.

Some of Canada's large social programs also get some love from the brothers, who note that, in this country, "There's workman's comp and pogey, for when we're shown the door. There's Canadian Tire money in at least one kitchen drawer."

Finally, the two commemorate another prototypical Canadian attribute: being polite.

"We have a golden rule that runs between these shores: you stay out of my face, I'll stay out of yours."

The lyrics and chords to the song were posted on Dave Hadfield's website, so Canadians could also give the melody a try.

It has been a big week for the retired astronaut, who flew with the Snowbirds during Canada Day festivities in Ottawa the day after Canadians learned he will become an officer of the Order of Canada.

The Ontario native shot to international fame while serving as commander of the International Space Station.

During his time aboard the ISS, he gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter after he started tweeting spectacular images of the Earth from space. He now has more than 1.1 million Twitter followers.

He also garnered rave reviews for a special tribute video he recorded aboard the space station, of the 1969 David Bowie hit single "Space Oddity." The video was viewed more than 22.4 million times on YouTube before he pulled it down in May due to a licensing agreement.