CARBONEAR, N.L. -- A charred house where a five-year-old girl was allegedly murdered while visiting her father will be torn down as early as next week, a municipal councillor says.

David Kennedy lives next door to the house in Carbonear, N.L., and says it's a constant reminder of what happened to little Quinn Butt on the morning of April 24th.

"It's nice, I guess, to have the beginning of the end started," he said Tuesday in an interview.

Kennedy and other neighbours have been confronted daily with the blackened, fire-damaged house for months now.

A judge ruled Monday after a preliminary inquiry that Trent Butt will stand trial for first-degree murder and arson.

The girl's parents were separated and in the midst of a divorce when she died.

Noise from the powerful blaze next door woke Kennedy and his family around 5 a.m. on April 24. They called 911.

The girl's body was removed from the house. Trent Butt was rescued from the flames and later recovered in hospital.

After residents' concerns about the sad state of the house made headlines last month, Kennedy says the bank that holds a lien against it took ownership.

It then got a demolition permit from the town and will cover related costs, he said.

"It will be nice to have it removed so it's not that constant reminder, constant eyesore every day."