A Montreal-area woman battling lymphoma can enjoy a welcome distraction this weekend, thanks to a charity that’s sending her to see pop music icon Beyonce in Toronto.

For two years, Manuella Laira has been fighting an aggressive form lymphoma.

Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy, Laira's cancer fight continues.

"It had went away last year, but it came back five months later in the hip area," Laira told CTV Montreal.

According to her doctor, Dr. Gizelle Popradi, "For some people it stops there, but unfortunately in Manuella's case it didn't because we found out that her disease didn't respond the way we had hoped."

Laira was recently hospitalized for a stem cell transplant to fight the disease.

"I went into the hospital (on) Sept. 30 and left two Monday's ago," she said. "I think I spent almost eight days without eating, so they had to put me on TPM -- which is water, sugar and vitamins -- through my veins, so I could get some nutrients."

To help lift Laira's spirits, the youth-focused cancer charity VOBOC stepped in, offering Laira and her sister a holiday package to Toronto.

"It's tough to see a young person whose life has been put on hold when cancer hits," VOBOC executive director Doreen Edwards said.

The sisters will travel to Toronto, where they can enjoy the change of scene, and a little shopping, before they attend the Beyonce concert Monday night.

It was Laira's doctors who suggested the young patient might benefit from the trip.

In the New Year Laira is due back in hospital to check on the progress of her stem cell transplant. But in the meantime she's staying positive.

"I can't wait for 2014 so I can just start over everything and hopefully get a better life from then on," she said.

With a report by CTV Montreal's Derek Conlon