A soldier at CFB Petawawa is facing 18 new sex charges, and police say there are at least several dozen other women who are victims.

Cpl. Derrick Gallagher, 31, is facing eight new counts of sexual assault, nine counts of voyeurism and one count of assault.

That's on top of the eight counts of sexual assault and two counts of voyeurism he was charged with on April 1.

Gallagher appeared briefly via video link Thursday as the case was put over until April 24.

Police say videos were involved in some of the crimes. They say they have been able to identify 18 victims, but say more than 50 other victims have not yet been identified.

Police also say there are “serious health concerns” involved in the case and they need women to come forward so they can speak to them about the concerns.

Police say they are also still trying to determine whether some of the women were drugged ahead of the assaults.

Ontario Provincial Police say they began their investigation on March 29, following a complaint. That led to the charges involving eight victims in Petawawa. Thursday’s new charges are in relation to 10 new victims from across Ontario and Quebec.

They have since released a photo of Gallagher and his tattoos, asking any woman who has ever been alone with Gallagher to come forward.

OPP says their investigation is widespread and growing and there may be victims across Ontario and Quebec, dating back to 2007.