Video captures a driver’s close call as his vehicle gets caught up in a “small natural avalanche” in southeastern British Columbia.

The incident happened just 46 kilometres east of Revelstoke, B.C.. The driver’s vehicle was not completely buried so he managed to escape without being seriously injured.

Calgary driver Rob Thiessen spotted the trapped driver’s vehicle sticking up out of the snow and told CTV Calgary the driver was “swept up” by the cascading snow.

He described how the vehicle was “10 feet from a pretty steep edge there, so fortunately it didn't go further.”

“That car timed it just poorly or perfectly, depending on your perspective. It was right in the middle of the avalanche," he also told CTV Vancouver.

The Trans Canada Highway was temporarily closed in both directions, with crews taking just under an hour clearing the snow from the avalanche.

According to a spokesperson from the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, warming temperatures likely caused the small avalanche.

“The ministry continually monitors conditions and is actively conducting controls across the Service Area by Ministry Avalanche Technicians,” a statement read.