A K-pop dancer in Vancouver received what appear to be minor injuries after an off-leash dog chased the screaming performer during a rehearsal.

The group was practising inside a covered area on March 1 near an ice rink at the University of British Columbia when the dog ran up to them and frightened a dancer, who started running and screaming.

The dog is seen chasing her in the video and appears to nip at her leg. A man holding a leash follows and shouts at the dancer to stop, holding up his hand. The dog turns to him and wags its tail before turning back to the dancer.

“When you run he thinks that you’re playing,” a woman seen walking with the man can be heard saying, before the pair manage to leash the dog and walk off towards the exit.

The dancer in the video declined to be interviewed on camera, but spoke with CTV Vancouver via email. She provided images of her injuries, which appeared to be minor. She said that she is angry, the owner was irresponsible, and that she has filed a police report.

The man who took the video said the incident was startling.

“Everyone who was there just stood still, frozen with fear and just disbelief of what was going on,” he said. “It didn’t turn out to be that big of a bite. But she is definitely very shaken up still, and she does want this guy to be caught.”