It may be the season of pumpkins, but a driver hardly expected to see one come flying through his car window as he drove along a B.C. highway.

The 33-year-old man was travelling along Okanagan Lake Saturday morning, when the pumpkin was apparently hurled at the driver’s side window, prompting him to lose control of the SUV and crash it into an icy lake.

When the crash happened, the driver was able to climb onto the roof of the vehicle and then swim ashore, where he reached nearby resident Claude Richard.

“I open up the door and the guy was there, standing, shivering and he was all wet,” Richard told CTV News.

Richard said the driver told him he had been travelling south when another car passed him. At that moment, he said, the pumpkin came flying at the driver’s side window.

Somewhat miraculously, the driver managed to escape the ordeal without injury.

If the pumpkin was intended as a prank, the police are not amused.

“This could have had tragic consequences, and we’re looking for any information that could identify a person or persons responsible,” Kelowna RCMP Const. Kris Clark said.

The submerged SUV was successfully retrieved from the lake, but it is likely a write-off.

With a report by CTV’s Kent Molgat