The government is warning Canadians travelling to Costa Rica of an increase in violent crime after a British Columbia man was killed Thursday during a home invasion.

Authorities say Vancouver native Brad Deering was killed last week after gunmen broke into his home, located in an upscale gated community in the Central American country.

According to Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Organization, the gunmen entered a home in Escazu, southeast of Santa Ana, on Thursday afternoon disguised as security guards.

Inside Deering’s home, the gunmen tied up the 42-year-old along with two other men and a woman who were also in the house at the time.

Police said Deering was found dead, suffering from three gunshot wounds, outside of the house.

Private investigator Douglas Smith told CTV British Columbia it appears as if Deering was attempting to escape when he was shot, adding that he may have been the victim of a targeted attack.

“He lived a very extravagant lifestyle,” Smith said. “Three high end cars, all the toys that any nice, wealthy 42-year-old man would want.

“They could have broken into other houses out there, but they zeroed in on his in particular,” Smith added.

On Thursday, the federal government updated its travel advisory to Costa Rica, warning visitors of increasing levels violence.

“There is no nationwide advisory for Costa Rica. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution and be vigilant at all times due to increasing levels of violent crime,” federal travel officials wrote.

With a report from CTV British Columbia