In an act of solidarity with U.S. protesters, about a thousand people gathered in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto to protest president-elect Donald Trump and his proposed policies.

Many are concerned that Trump’s divisive campaign could influence Canadian politics.

“We’re very close to the U.S. and I can see it coming to Canada,” one protester told CTV Toronto.

“We’re not immune. We stand with them and we’re not going to take this lying down if it does happen here,” said protest organizer Miral El-Hussein.

El-Hussein started the protest because of a jarring incident that happened to her on election night. She told CTV Toronto that a man at a bar asked her where she was from and when she responded that she was from Lebanon, he told her that she would be ‘going home soon.’

Anti-Trump protests in the U.S. are still going strong in many American cities and in some cases turning violent, with a shooting in Portland, Oregon.

During the“60 Minute” interview that aired on Sunday, Donald Trump addressed protesters, telling them: “Don’t be afraid. We are going to bring our country back. ”

He also addressed those who are harassing Latinos, African-Americans and Muslims in the U.S. Looking directly into the camera lens he said: “Stop it.”

Since being elected, Trump has appeared more restrained and collected than he was on the campaign trail.

He even complimented his opponent Hillary Clinton saying “she’s very strong and very smart.”