Canadians from coast to coast are finding themselves and their homes waterlogged as communities cope with heavy rain and flooding.

Hundreds of soldiers were deployed Saturday to help out in Quebec, where incessant rains swamped parts of the province. Atlantic Canada is anticipating intense rainfall through the weekend, which is expected to cause flooding in some regions.

Ontario and British Columbia are also dealing with rain and flooding, with volunteers filling sandbags to try and minimize potential damage.

Across the country, Canadians have managed to capture shots of their various soggy situations.


The Canadian Forces were deployed on Saturday after Quebec Public Safety Minister Martin Coiteux requested assistance. Residents have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of rainfall in the province, particularly in Rigaud, Oka and Ile Mercier.


Communities across southern Ontario are under high alert as rain is expected to continue to fall throughout the weekend.

The eastern Ontario community of Clarence-Rockland declared a state of emergency Thursday while both Toronto and Ottawa are keeping an eye on rising water levels beneath bridges and roads.


Severe thunderstorm watches are in effect for parts of the central and southern interior areas of B.C. The rain is expected to cause creeks and rivers to overflow. In Kelowna, water has entered some homes.


Atlantic Canada is expected to see heavy rainfall throughout the weekend. Flood warnings are in effect for parts of New Brunswick. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland could see up to 50 millimetres of rain.