A Canadian singer-songwriter has had her instruments stolen on the eve of a U.S. tour.

Prince Edward Island’s Rose Cousins returned to her rental car in Los Angeles on Wednesday night to discover the passenger-side window smashed and her Martin 00016T acoustic guitar and Harmony baritone ukulele stolen.

“Both my Martin guitar and Harmony baritone uke have been sadly stolen,” she wrote on Thursday.

“I hate that there are so many musicians who can empathize and I wish whoever took my babies will see this post and know that I’d pay to have them back.”

The musician took to Facebook to appeal for help to recover the instruments and to borrow a guitar for shows in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

“This is a hard goodbye and on the eve of a small west coast U.S. tour I now find myself without my tools. I pray for the thieves that things get better for them soon.”