Reports of a Calgary man getting killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have been circulating Twitter.

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, who seems to also use the name Abu Usamah, can be seen threatening to destroy Canada and burning his passport in a propaganda video from Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL.

He apparently left Canada to fight in Syria earlier this year.

Shirdon posted tweets like “The disbelievers will never understand our love for death” and “One day in Jihad with all its struggles is more beloved to me than spending years at home in comfort with my family” while urging others to join his cause.

He also tweeted more gruesome messages about beheadings, stating his goal was “martyrdom.”

“Dear mother,” read one of his final tweets on July 10, “I have sold my soul for the sake of Allah, we may never meet again in this life but InshaaAllah Allah will reunite us in Jannah.”

The federal government says it is aware of reports of a Canadian being killed in Iraq, but hasn’t confirmed the death.

Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy worries the reported death could lead to others following his example.

Soharwardy, of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, described youth who fight in Syria and Iraq as “brainwashed” and calls their actions “fanaticism” and “terrorism.”

"Absolutely I think it creates more attraction for those people who already on the borderline and have some sort of extremist feelings toward the more moderate Muslims,” said Soharwardy. “And that's why it's very disturbing."

With files from the Canadian Press