FREDERICTON -- The Canadian Army had to reprint 10,000 calendars for 2013 after discovering the original copies put holidays, such as Easter, Labour Day and Thanksgiving, on the wrong dates.

"We had a corrupted template and the dates for some significant holidays were incorrect," Kristina Davis, the Army's manager of outreach and stakeholder relations, said Monday.

She said the Army also improved the wording of captions under the pictures used for each month in the new version of the calendar.

Davis said it cost $11,796 to reprint all 10,000 copies of the calendars, which include pictures highlighting the work of the Canadian Army at home and abroad.

She said the calendars are distributed each year to businesses, community leaders and members of the media.

Davis didn't know how many of the calendars had been distributed before the problem was discovered.

"Luckily it hasn't happened before and we've actually taken some corrective measures to make sure we have a stricter design and review process," Davis said.