HALIFAX -- Canada's police chiefs say in light of recent gun-related tragedies in Fredericton and in other cities across the country they are striking a committee to analyze data related to gun violence.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which wrapped up its annual meeting today in Halifax, says it wants to come up with evidence-based recommendations to help combat the problem.

Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer, the newly elected president of the association, says while gun violence "ebbs and flows" across the country, the chiefs believe there has been a spike in illegal firearm use over the past year.

Palmer says Canada's current gun control regime is "actually very good" and the association is not calling for any wholesale legislative changes related to gun violence.

He says the issue isn't law-abiding people who want to possess firearms, but rather people who are involved in criminal activity who obtain guns through illegal means.

Palmer says of particular concern is a resurgence of lower-level street gangs he says are becoming "quite violent."