Ottawa is considering retrofitting commercial ships to resupply the Royal Canadian Navy, CTV News has learned.

The measure is considered a stopgap, as the navy no longer has ships capable of delivering food, water, ammunition, spare parts and other necessities to vessels at sea.

Government records released to The Canadian Press earlier this week showed that navy mechanics in Halifax were forced to scour the Internet and use eBay to find parts for one of its two supply ships.

Documents also showed that many of the parts on the 45-year-old HMCS Preserver were "beyond acceptable limits," and corrosion issues had begun to compromise its structural integrity.

The plan is to replace the makeshift supply ships in 2020, when the navy's new support ships are expected to hit the water.

The retrofitting plan will be reviewed by the federal cabinet for the third time next week.

Sources tell CTV News' Mercedes Stephenson that should the proposal receive approval, Quebec's Davie Shipyard will be granted the contract.