Despite more than 250,000 views on Twitter, some social media users are scratching their heads as to the meaning of a video posted by the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

The charity posted the video on August 7 with the caption “everything was going just right until…”

It shows a couple frolicking around a mix of settings. The pair start out in a café, visit flower gardens and even share a skateboard as the clip builds to its somewhat mysterious climax.

After a minute-and-a-half of mushy moments, the couple drive to a spot at night and get out of the car to dance in front of the headlights. The man reaches for a ring box in his back pocket before getting down on one knee to propose… and then black.

“A pre-trip vehicle inspection would have saved this moment….One could also save a life,” reads the message at the end of the two-minute video.

But confusion reigns on Twitter as to what the actual safety message is.

“What the hell even happens at the end? Why is this video two minutes long? Why did I watch the whole thing?” asked Jesse Sawitsky on Twitter.

“Did they get Christine’d by that car at the end or something?” asked another Twitter viewer, referencing the horror novel by Stephen King where a car is apparently possessed by supernatural forces.

Then, like an island of sense in a sea of confusion, Twitter user Allen Paley attempts to explain what was going on.

“I believe the meaning of the ending is that the vehicle's lights went out at an inopportune moment,” he wrote.

“Keep in mind though that most car batteries are sealed units, so gauging the electrolyte concentration of the battery is not a routine maintenance task, let-alone a pre-trip task.”

Paley went on to offer a style note.

“The montage of cute couples' activities could have been condensed considerably, and fit a 30-second format for the entire hit,” he wrote.

“Perhaps a brake failure resulting in the car rolling away uncontrolled would have been a better ending.”