An 80-year-old man who said he was too weak to brush 20 centimetres of snow off his car got a ticket and a warning from police – but also a helping hand from the officer who stopped him.

Ontario Provincial Police posted a photo on Twitter Tuesday, of the vehicle they say was pulled over in Brussels, Ont., a small community approximately 100 kilometres north of London. The man told police he was too weak to clear the snow.

In the photo, the car was covered in snow, with only a small portion of the windshield cleared on the driver's side.

"Can't make this stuff up," OPP wrote. "Driver charged today in Brussels actually driving like this."

OPP told that the driver was ticketed and is facing a $110 fine, after being charged under the Highway Traffic Act for driving with no clear view.

Sgt. Dave Rektor said the officer who ticketed the driver knew him, and helped clear the rest of the snow from the vehicle. He also gave him a warning to clear off all the snow from his car the next time, before he heads out on the road.

Snow-covered carWith files from The Canadian Press