A Calgary man says he’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of information concerning his luggage lost when he flew home from a vacation more than two months ago.

Lance Baker and his girlfriend returned home from their trip to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza on Aug. 24. When they arrived at the airport, Baker’s girlfriend’s suitcase was there, but his was nowhere to be found.

For the first leg of their trip home, the couple flew Lufthansa through Frankfurt, where both bags were scanned, Baker said. During the connection to an Air Canada flight, however, Baker’s luggage somehow went missing.

The suitcase contained Baker’s jui-jitsu equipment, cowboy boots, clothing and souvenirs, he said. Baker estimated the total worth of his missing belongings at $3,000.

The couple was forced to cancel their passports because Baker had photocopies of them in his bag. Baker said he initially tried calling Air Canada for updates on his suitcase’s whereabouts on a near-daily basis, but that he’s received little information from the airline.

“It’s frustrating,” he told CTV Calgary on Tuesday. “I was calling every day, so an hour to two hours on hold every day.”

A spokesperson for Air Canada told CTV News, in a statement, that the airline searched for Baker’s bag and plans to offer him compensation.

“We determined that Mr. Baker’s suitcase had misconnected from his flight with Lufthansa and regretfully, the bag was never delivered to Air Canada,” the statement said.

Gabor Lukacs, an air passenger rights advocate, said stories like Baker’s are all too common in the airline industry.

“Airlines tend not to respond, or tend to provide false information to passengers about their rights,” he said.

Lukacs encourages travellers who have lost baggage to go to a small claims court after 21 days.

Baker said the entire ordeal has tainted his vacation.

“It kind of wrecked both of our trips when we came back because we’ve been doing nothing, but filling out forms and calling and having to replace stuff,” said Baker.

With a report from CTV Calgary’s Shaun Frenette