A Calgary man who recently got home from a trip to India brought back more than just memories -- it seems he also brought along a slithery stowaway.

Firefighters were called to the man's condo after he discovered a half-metre-long snake crawling on his carpet.

The man told firefighters he had been unpacking his luggage over the last two days, and spotted the brown serpent on his living room carpet late Thursday. When he caught sight of the snake, he ran out of the condo and called 911.

Firefighters helped search the home, unsure of whether they were dealing with a venomous or non-venomous reptile. Though they scoured the place for four hours, they couldn't locate the snake.

That’s despite setting up some fairly elaborate traps, says Calgary Fire Battalion Chief Larry Fisher.

“We’ve cooled down the room and placed a heater in the middle of the room and put flour down so we can track the thing. They have searched every inch of the place and have yet to find him,’” he told CTV Calgary Thursday.

A professional pest control company was even brought it, but it couldn’t locate the snake either. Nevertheless, it thoroughly checked the condo and assured the man it was safe to sleep in his own bed Thursday night.

Though the company left behind several traps, the snake has still not been caught.