A Calgary family got a pleasant surprise on Mother's Day, when they received a discount off of their brunch bill for having "well behaved kids."

The family's bill came out to $54 before taxes, but Carino Japanese Bistro took off $5 because the family's one-year-old daughter demonstrated good manners.

An image of the bill was posted on Reddit Monday, and has since been making the rounds on social media.

Restaurant owner Toshi Karino said the staff really appreciate children who are well behaved due to the eatery’s small size.

"We have a very small restaurant, it's only 35 seats, so between table to table it's very close together," he told CTV Calgary. "So we really appreciate kids who are nice at the table (and) well mannered."

Located in the Renfrew neighbourhood, Carino Japanese Bistro was named the sixth best new restaurant in Canada last year by Air Canada's enRoute magazine.