Three Calgary nursing home workers who slapped and tied down a elderly resident while threatening to dump urine on him have been sentenced to time in jail.

The family of 92-year-old Ulrich Wissner became aware of the mistreatment in late 2013, when Wissner complained that staff at Carewest’s Garrison Green home were abusing him.

“We never imagined it was true,” his son, Peter Wissner, told reporters Wednesday.

“My brother and I discussed putting a camera in and our intention was to have confirmation that everybody was treating him well.”

Instead, just four days after installing the cameras, three caregivers were caught using excessive force on the bedridden Wissner while changing his diaper and gown. The videos showed the women flicking water at Wissner, binding his wrists, slapping him and threatening to pour his own urine over his head.

The family members showed the video to home administrators, who fired all three immediately. Police were also contacted and the workers, Maria Dumo, Angelina Borja and May Casimero, were charged with assault.

They pleaded guilty in March. On Thursday, they were sentenced to 60 days in jail, to be served on weekends; one year’s probation; and 30 hours of community service.

Wissner died a month after the video of his abuse and his family believes his mistreatment hastened his death because he began refusing to take medications from care workers he no longer trusted.

Wissner’s son hopes Thursday’s sentence deters others from engaging in similar abuse.

“I certainly hope that this is a message to anybody out there who is or may be mistreating people in a position of trust that it's not acceptable,” he said.

Carewest Innovative Health Care issued a statement regarding the incident, saying that when staff at the home became aware of the incident, they took action immediately.

“Carewest continues to reinforce high care standards and expectations that all caregivers should be held accountable to, in providing the kind of care that residents, clients and families envision for themselves and their loved ones,” the statement reads.

With a report from CTV Calgary’s Kevin Green