LIVERPOOL, N.S. -- A 16-year-old boy has been arrested for alleged cyberbullying, days after a Liverpool, N.S., mother complained that authorities weren't helping her bullied son.

Nova Scotia RCMP say the Liverpool teen was charged with criminal harassment Thursday following allegations that another boy had been harassed and threatened online and in person.

A local mother had expressed her frustration on Facebook a few days earlier, saying the RCMP and school board would not investigate the bullying of her son, who has a learning disability, despite her repeated complaints.

She shared 22 screen shots of a group conversation, included a posted picture of someone holding a knife to his wrist.

"Why don't u," the post said, alluding to the picture.

In her post, the mother said the bullying had been going on for some time, and that her son's Facebook had been hacked "a dozen times."

She said her son was bullied at school as well, and she went public after he told her he didn't want to go to school any more.

"Nothing is being done," she said.

The post received a lot of attention on Facebook, with some people saying they might take matters into their own hands if nothing was done. Some even suggested violent vigilante justice.

The accused has been released from custody until a June 7 appearance in Bridgewater provincial court, and told not to have contact with the alleged victim.