In a five-minute segment on the Colbert Report, the satirical show travelled north to “the lawless tundra that is Canada” to investigate a bong-shaped mascot that has drawn the ire of some Esquimalt, B.C., citizens.

The eight-foot-tall mascot, named Bongy, resides outside The Bong Warehouse, owned by Ryan Place.

“When it comes to bongs, I want to take over the entire town-slash-nation,” Place told the show.

But city councillors Megan Brame and Tim Morrison are fighting back.

“I think that the dancing bong mascot in Esquimalt may have just danced its last dance,” said Morrison.

Morrison doesn’t exactly want to ban Bongy from Esquimalt’s sidewalk, however.

“I’ve proposed a motion to suggest that if you want to use mascots on our public municipal property like our sidewalks or parks and our streets, you basically just need to have a permit,” he said in the show.

“That is it?” Colbert exclaims.

Morrison explains that “in Canada, we try to be polite, courteous and considerate of everybody.”

Despite being the target of the show, the councillors say the segment was positive for the community.

And it was opportunity for Bongy to gain some exposure.

“Bongy is not going anywhere, they can fight and scream all they want – we live in Canada it’s a free country, they can waste the taxpayers’ dollars all they want,” Place said.

Colbert finished his report by apologizing to Bongy.

“You’re the mascot that Canada deserves – have you thought about running for mayor of Toronto?” he asks.

With a report from CTV Victoria’s Chandler Grieve