Calgary police are searching for two men who they say beat a woman with a hockey stick in a case of road rage on Wednesday evening.

Police said Karalie Red Old Man was driving south on 4 Street northwest of 40 Avenue when a silver BMW attempted to pass her black minivan at around 5:20 p.m. local time. When the BMW was unable to drive ahead of Red Old Man’s vehicle because of oncoming traffic, it began aggressively tailgating her instead. The car even hit the back of the van at one point, according to investigators.

Red Old Man told CTV Calgary that she was driving to West Mount Pleasant Arena from her daughter’s piano lesson to pick up her husband and other children. Police said the BMW followed her to the arena and boxed her in when she stopped her vehicle.

Red Old Man said the two men approached her van and demanded that she get out and fight them. When she refused, police said the men used a hockey stick to break her vehicle’s windows. Red Old Man said she tried to drive away but her vehicle backed into the parked BMW. At that point, she said the men grabbed her and pulled her out of the van. Police said the men then assaulted her, using a hockey stick at times.

The woman said the men bashed her face against the side of her vehicle multiple times.

“My mouth was bleeding and there was blood all over,” Red Old Man said. “They chipped my tooth and then broke my glasses. And so I needed stitches on my mouth, on my lip.”

According to Red Old Man, her husband came out of the arena and fought the men off. Investigators said the two men fled the scene in the BMW.

The men are both described as being in their early 20s, with dark brown or black hair and medium builds. Police said one of the suspects was wearing light grey or white sweater or coat.

The suspects’ vehicle is described as a silver, two-door BMW with an Alberta licence plate. The police said the BMW would likely have extensive damage to the front passenger side and potentially the front bumper.

Anyone with information concerning the incident, or the identity of the two men, has been asked to call Calgary Police at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers.

With files from CTV Calgary