TORONTO -- Black people are “exhausted” after decades of violence and oppression and don’t know how to handle the “new-found attention that perhaps we didn’t expect,” says Toronto blogger Casey Palmer.

Images of violence inflicted on Black people, worldwide protests against systemic racism triggered by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, and worrying about how to talk to their kids about it all are taking a toll on the Black community, says the father of two young boys.

And it’s worsened by pandemic lockdowns that have closed many of the avenues for the community to gather and support one another. But Palmer is hopeful that Black voices are being heard.

“People outside the Black community didn’t really understand what it means to be Black and the things we go through, so I think we are in a listening moment right now," he said on CTV's Your Morning Friday.

Watch the video for more of Palmer’s perspective.