TORONTO -- A big-hearted paramedic from Nova Scotia has formed a one-of-a-kind bond with a duck he adopted after it was abandoned by its mother.

Ted Daigle from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, was working in a rural area when a farmer approached with a sickly duckling and offered it to Daigle with the warning it might not make it otherwise.

“She wasn’t eating, she was quite emaciated,” Daigle told CTV News Channel on Saturday. 

“I ended up going home that night and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her so I drove right back out and I picked her up and she’s been with me ever since.”

He named the duckling Chuck before he found out it was a girl.

“She loves having the showers, she usually showers with me two or three times a week, just to stay clean. She runs around, she hides, but she always comes back to me,” he said.

Most of Daigle’s neighbours appear to be fans of Chuck, save for one who complained to animal services.The officer called back and praised Daigle for his home set-up for his pet duck.

“He came out and he took pictures and he was like, ‘Yeah this is fantastic, this is totally fine, no problem here,” Daigle said.

“And he left with no issues whatsoever and the duck’s been happy ever since.”