A Canadian man found himself ringside for a dramatic brawl between two black bears at a garbage dump in Tulita, Northwest Territories.

The video, posted to Facebook by Brian Mcpherson Tuesday, shows the two bears erupting into a fight while digging through a bag of garbage.

“We just went to throw out some garbage,” Mcpherson told CTVNews.ca. “There were these two bears that just started walking over. They were making these weird grunting noises, and then all of a sudden I said I have to get my phone out real quick.”

Standing on their hind legs, the bears fight for about 30 seconds before becoming uninterested and going back to the scraps of garbage.

“I think they were fighting over food,” he said. “I don’t think there are very many food sources around here, so that’s why they are forced to go to the dump.”

Neither animal appeared to be harmed in the brawl, as well as several birds that carried on pecking at the garbage while the scuffle ensued.