In a recruitment coup of doll-sized proportions, Barbie will be joining the ranks of the RCMP, but only while supplies last.

RCMP Barbie is one of the newest additions to the Dolls of the World collection, which includes Barbies in traditional dress from various countries.

Barbie appears serious about her career move into law enforcement, as she’s dressed in a close replica of the uniform Mounties currently wear: scarlet tunic with cross strap and belt, navy breeches with a yellow stripe, Strathcona riding boots and a Stetson, which “can be removed to reveal her bright red hair,” according to the official RCMP retail site.

While RCMP Barbie is officially licensed by the RCMP Foundation, the noted fashion plate has been allowed to maintain her sense of style. Her red hair would normally have to be worn pulled back in a bun, and her heeled boots would, of course, be flat.

“She’s making a fashion statement,” said Bianca McGregor, the RCMP Heritage Centre’s director of marketing and strategic partnerships.

The doll also comes with a pink passport, presumably in case she takes on any international investigations.

RCMP Barbie is a limited-edition doll, with only 1,200 released for sale at $29.99. The Heritage Centre in Regina received 100 to sell in its gift shop, but the doll is also available at the official RCMP shop online. The Centre hopes to secure more, McGregor said.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each doll will go to the RCMP Foundation, which supports programs for at-risk youth.