Parks Canada are warning about potentially aggressive elk after two people were physically accosted in the Banff area for the first time in years.

“It’s always a concern when people have close encounters that result in contact,” Banff National Park Resource Conservation Manager Bill Hunt told CTV Calgary.

Late last month a bull elk charged a jogger around the Banff recreation area and two days later a woman was head butted several times at a playground in Middle Springs.

Both people managed to escape and no one was seriously injured.

The bulls were put down by Parks Canada staff.

Parks Canada are now keeping an eye on a third bull that’s been seen coming into town and are continuing to monitor the area to keep it safe.

“We use a hockey stick with a couple of plastic bags on the end and my staff will go out every morning. We check the playgrounds, check the school yards,” said Hunt.

Parks Canada always reminds people to take precautions during September and October as it’s rutting season and the males are particularly belligerent.

They recommend people to keep at least 30 metres away.

If an elk does get too close to you, Parks Canada advises to act dominant, make yourself look big and to back away slowly.

Any incidents should be reported to Parks Canada.

With files from CTV Calgary’s Alesia Fieldberg