A B.C. man is fighting a $167 ticket from a red light camera he says he got while driving along a closed parade route while volunteering at the event.

Last weekend, Silvester Law was helping out with a parade in Burnaby, B.C. benefitting a local firefighting union. He needed to get from one end of the route to the other, so he drove along the closed roads of the parade path.

Law was later issued a $167 ticket in the mail after a red light camera caught him running a light. The photo of Law’s car attached to the ticket clearly shows the road was closed at the time, and a few police officers standing to the side.

“There were cops standing all around (and) they didn’t say anything,” Law told CTV Vancouver. “If I was doing something wrong, I would have been stopped, but I wasn’t.”

Law has contacted the city, the RCMP and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). All three of them told him he needed to go through the proper legal channels to fight the ticket.

In a statement, the ICBC said they’re confident Law was given a proper ticket.

“The images from the cameras are reviewed by two officers to verify that a violation has occurred and the evidence from the cameras will stand up in court,” the organization stated.

Meanwhile, Law spent part of his Saturday fighting the ticket. The battle isn’t over yet.

“After 40 minutes of waiting-- an hour-- they just gave me a notice saying that I have to wait for something in the mail,” he said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Scott Roberts