NANAIMO, B.C. -- RCMP on Vancouver Island won't be investigating an online video featuring two boys advocating violence against a teacher after finding no evidence the students are from Nanaimo, B.C.

Mounties asked administrators with the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school district to probe the video, titled "How to kill your teacher," but no one could identify the boys.

Const. Gary O'Brien says the six-minute video was posted to YouTube on Jan. 12 and shows two boys about the age of 10 or 11 holding toy guns and discussing how to kill a teacher referred to as Ms. D.

O'Brien said the video, which had 127 views when he watched it, was "very amateurish" and has since been removed from the website.

Police were notified after the city's newspaper was contacted by a Florida radio station host who stumbled across the video, and he then found more footage by the same user featuring the Nanaimo airport.

The Mounties have forwarded the video to Vancouver police, who have asked schools in their own district to take a look because one child is wearing a Vancouver Canucks hockey jersey.

O'Brien says that while the message is disconcerting, police would have approached the situation by sitting down with the parents and their children and talking about why the behaviour was inappropriate.

"Our concern would be to find out who they are, then work with the parents and try to understand why (their children) would create the video ... and be sure it doesn't happen again."

O'Brien said there's still no indication where they're from.

"Nobody came back saying they know who the kids are. So that more or less tells us the kids aren't in our school district," he said. "There's no active investigation."