The RCMP in British Columbia have stepped forward to participate in a global campaign supporting gay and lesbian youth who are being harassed and bullied by their peers.

It’s the first time a Canadian law enforcement agency has made a video for the It Gets Better Project, joining world leaders like Barack Obama and celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Here are some of the most memorable It Gets Better videos.

Canadians, including comedian Rick Mercer and ballet dancer Rex Harrington, talk about being bullied in school and coming out to their families:

Members of Parliament, Senators and other Canadian politicians offer messages of support to LGBT youth after the suicide of Ottawa teen Jamie Hubley:

U.S. President Barack Obama shot this It Gets Better video in 2010:

Popular U.S. sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry talk about their bullying experiences in high school:

Justin Bieber also spoke out against bullying:

And talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recorded this sombre message in the wake of several U.S. teen suicides: