The British Columbia motorcyclist who grabbed international headlines after he was linked to an online video of a ride that reached speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour on a busy highway has turned himself in to police.

Randy George Scott surrendered to RCMP in the central B.C. city of Kelowna Tuesday evening, far from the Vancouver Island highway where the video was allegedly recorded on April 6.

"He was taken into custody without incident," Saanich Police spokesperson Sgt. Dean Jantzen told reporters Wednesday, predicting Scott would make a court appearance some time in the day.

In the meantime, Jantzen said police in Saanich and Kelowna are working together in co-ordination with local Crown counsel.

"So hopefully Mr. Scott will appear at some point soon and we can start resolving this through the courts," he said.

The case attracted international interest after a video entitled “victoria [sic] highway run 299km,” was posted online. In it, viewers can see a dashboard view of a motorbike weaving in and out of traffic along the Trans-Canada Highway between McKenzie Avenue and the Millstream Road exit on a sunny afternoon.

While the view of the bike's dashboard and the road are clearly visible, a pair of hands are all that can be seen of the motorcyclist.

When asked about the strength of the evidence against Scott, Jantzen was circumspect.

"It becomes very technical when all we're left with is video," he told reporters.

"We would not have satisfied the requirements to get to this stage if there wasn't a degree of comfort that what we're saying is accurate," Jantzen added, noting there are at least three witnesses prepared to testify against Scott in court.

In his remarks, Jantzen credited a combination of police outreach and the intense media attention stoked by the online video as likely factors in Scott's surrender.

The uninsured 2006 blue Yamaha R1 that police believe was used in the video was seized from a home in Esquimalt in April.

Because the bike was registered in her name, police have already served Scott's mother with $1,449 in traffic violation tickets.

Scott, 25, faces a single charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.