A B.C. mother is shaken after she says a woman brandishing a butcher knife entered her house and calmly asked to see her baby.

Just before 9 a.m. on Wednesday, an unknown woman wearing a long, dark wig and yellow rubber gloves walked up to a home in Osoyoos. Disturbing security footage obtained by Castanet News shows the woman standing and staring at the front door for several moments.

Inside, the mother – who has asked to withhold her identity – was busy pumping breastmilk for her child. That’s when she heard two knocks at the door.

The mother didn’t answer. But, since the front door was unlocked, she says the unknown woman let herself inside.

The mother says she immediately knew something wasn’t right. She says the woman appeared to be wearing a disguise and, in a calm voice, said, “I just wanted to see the baby.”

At that point, the intruder didn’t appear to have a weapon. The mother asked her to leave.

"Something told me she was weird right from the start," the mother said. "I just got a weird vibe."

The intruder agreed, and the security footage shows her leaving the house and waiting for a moment on the front step. Then, the mother says, the woman pulled a butcher knife hidden in her waistband and burst back inside.

“All of a sudden she comes charging in my front door with this butcher knife. I screamed “What the f--- are you doing?’ very loud,” the mother said.

“And then I grabbed her arms and I just kind of threw her out the front door and then I locked it.”

The footage shows the intruder stumbling outside with a large knife in her right hand.

A 45-year-old woman was arrested at a home in Osoyoos in connection with the incident, Osoyoos RCMP said Thursday afternoon. Officials have not released her name or said whether or not she faces any charges.

As she processed the ordeal, the mother thinks she’s seen the strange woman in the neighbourhood before. She says the woman has stopped to chat with her husband while he’s done work in the yard.

Even if she doesn’t know the woman’s name, the mother has a hunch about her motivation.

“I think she wanted to kidnap my baby. I think she just came in to see if I had her and if I was alone.”

The suspect is expected to remain in police custody until a court appearance in Penticton on Friday.

With files from CTV Vancouver