ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - Court records say a British Columbia man has been handed a two-month conditional sentence plus one year probation for assault in connection with a video of a racist rant that went viral last year.

Karry Corbett of Hope was charged with assault following the incident on Oct. 21, 2016, which Abbotsford police said at the time was filmed by a lawyer from a nearby office where a pickup truck was illegally parked in a reserved spot.

Abbotsford lawyer Ravi Duhra confirmed he shot the video that was posted on YouTube showing a man yelling racist slurs.

The man in the video yells at Duhra, "When did you come to Canada?" and "go back to India," before beating his chest while yelling "white power" as he gets into the passenger's side of the truck.

Neither Corbett nor his lawyer could immediately be reached for comment, but provincial court records say Corbett pleaded guilty to the charge on Sept. 22.

Duhra did not submit a victim impact statement in the case and declined to comment on the outcome.