A charitable organization in Vancouver is calling for the end of clothing donation bins after a man was found dead, lodged inside one.

On Dec. 30, an off-duty doctor found the 34-year-old man inside a clothing donation bin in West Vancouver. The man could not be resuscitated and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Union Gospel Mission, which works with Vancouver’s homeless population and those suffering from addiction, wants clothing donation bins pulled from the streets until a safer alternative can take their place.

In 2018, two people died in Vancouver after getting stuck in clothing donation bins.

“If this was a toy or product that was used by the general population, and not our most vulnerable members of society, this would’ve been recalled with the first injury or death,” Nicole Mucci, a spokesperson for the Union Gospel Mission, told CTV Vancouver. “We do think they need to be pulled from the streets because people keep dying and we need to protect our most vulnerable citizens.”

In November, engineering students at the University of British Columbia worked to create safer options for clothing bins as part of a school design competition. The students used 3D printers to produce a small prototype of their design and presented the idea to a panel of judges.

The full-sized version of the winning design is supposed to be tested sometime in 2019.