A Ferrari driver who was clocked at triple the speed limit in Vancouver last summer has been hit with a $750 fine and 16 months of driver probation as punishment for his fourth speeding offence since 2015.

Yihao Wang, 23, was caught doing 210 km/h in a 60-km/h zone across the Lions Gate Bridge last July, in his white 2015 Ferrari 458.

The $483 penalty for excessive speeding was boosted to $750 in a joint submission by the Crown and the defence on Tuesday, after Wang pleaded guilty in provincial court last month. The punishment under the Motor Vehicle Act also includes three penalty points on Wang’s driving record.

“I’m very sorry for what I did,” Wang told the court through an interpreter on Tuesday. “I promise I will not do that again.”

Wang has received three tickets for excessive speeding since 2015, as well as a speeding ticket in 2016. The most recent incident in July occurred just three months after he was ticketed for excessive speeding by the same officer in April.

Wang wore a baseball cap, a surgical mask and dark sunglasses to his sentencing hear in North Vancouver on Tuesday. His lawyer, David Baker, told reporters that Wang is sorry for his conduct, and that “he’s been embarrassed” by the situation.

“He has to walk for 16 months,” Baker said, shortly before his client climbed into the passenger’s seat of a white Porsche SUV.

Baker says Wang has sold his Ferrari, which is worth approximately $250,000, “because he’s done with it.”

Wang’s suspension will last until November.

With files form CTV Vancouver’s David Molko