A brief interaction between B.C.’s Liberal leader Christy Clark and a voter at a grocery store in Vancouver has gone viral, inspiring the hashtag #IamLinda.

Clark was at a campaign stop on Thursday when the non-supporter introduced herself.

“Hi Christy, I’m Linda,” she said. “I would never vote for you.”

Linda began to explain why when she was cut off by Clark who walked away saying: “You don’t have to. That’s why we live in a democracy.”

"Thank goodness," Linda replied as Clark was leaving. "Hopefully you won't get elected in."

The short exchange was captured by media and quickly went viral. People used the hashtag #IamLinda to voice their own reasons for wanting Clark out of office.















Critics also suggested that Clark was being dismissive of the constituent; however, University of British Columbia political science professor Max Cameron told CTV Vancouver she handled it well.

"In this case I think Christy Clark probably did the right thing," he said. "There's not a lot to be gained at engaging in a conversation with somebody who's not about to change their mind."

On Friday, Clark addressed the interaction, which she described as rare but not completely unique, at a news conference.

"People should vote for the candidates that they like and the plan they like," Clark said. "She says she didn't vote for me last time and she's never voted Liberal and she never will, and she's not going to vote for me again. Perfect. That's her right."

With files from CTV Vancouver’s Scott Roberts