OTTAWA -- New figures released Monday show that in April, the total number of people intercepted by the RCMP crossing illegally into Canada fell, as did the total number of asylum claims overall.

Across Canada, the Mounties stopped 859 people between official border points in April, down from 887 the previous month.

The numbers of those intercepted in Quebec did continue to rise, up to 672 in April from 644 in March.

Most of those crossing illegally are believed to have gone on to file asylum claims.

Asylum claims processed by the Canada Border Services Agency at airports and at inland offices also rose, but those filed in other locations, as well as with the Immigration Department, were down.

In total, 3,080 new asylum claims were processed by both organizations in April, down from 3,440 in March, for a total of 12,040 so far this year.

A spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale noted the number of asylum claimants fluctuates over time and is largely unpredictable.

But Scott Bardsley says contingency plans remains in place to address the evolving volume of asylum seekers in the coming months.

Here's a look at the numbers so far in 2017.

Interceptions by the RCMP

1,993: interceptions in Quebec.

477: interceptions in Manitoba.

14: interceptions in Saskatchewan

233: interceptions in B.C.

1: interceptions in each of Alberta and New Brunswick

Asylum claims:

6,425: claims processed by Canada Border Services agents

5,610: claims processed by the Immigration Department

12,040: total of claims so far in 2017

(Numbers do not add up because of rounding).

Total claims for previous years:

2016: 23,895

2015: 16,115


2013: 10,370

2012: 20,470

2011: 25,315

SOURCE: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada