An Alberta man who was tired of hearing about poppy box thefts has taken matters into his own hands.

Dan Kroffat, a businessman and former Canadian professional wrestler, said he has tweaked the traditional poppy box design so that it can’t be stolen.

“I got pissed off and said we need to fix this,” he told CTV Calgary in Cochrane, Alta., on Friday.

The new donation box is made from composite metal rather than plastic, and has a wire that can attach it to a store counter. The poppies can be displayed in a plastic container beside the donation box.

Kroffat said it should prevent the spontaneous grabs that account for approximately 75 per cent of poppy box thefts.

Last year, there were reports of such thefts across Canada, including 39 poppy boxes that were stolen in Calgary alone. Kroffat said he can’t understand how thieves could steal from veterans who desperately need the support.

“A large number of veterans are living below the poverty line a large number hundreds are living on the streets,” Kroffat said.

Kroffat said he’s made 50 prototype boxes and will be testing them out in Cochrane ahead of Remembrance Day on Nov. 11. Kroffat hopes to have a final version ready for mass release in time for Remembrance Day in 2017.

With files from CTV Calgary