The sun has set on a bill that would have seen Alberta ditch the twice-a-year adjustment for daylight time.

Alberta MLAs voted 46 to six to scrap Bill 203 late Monday, after months of public hearings and debate.

Edmonton-South West MLA Thomas Dang proposed the Alberta Standard Time Act earlier this year, that would have put Alberta on the same time as Saskatchewan year-round, as well as one hour ahead of British Columbia in the summer and two hours ahead in the winter.

The province’s Standing Committee on Alberta's Economic Future accepted written submissions from the public and heard from approximately 13,500 respondents. More than two-thirds were in favour of eliminating daylight time.

However, a number of prominent organizations came out against the bill, including the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, and Calgary-headquartered WestJet Airlines.

The NHL franchises worried ditching daylight time would cause games to start too late for some fans to watch.

WestJet expressed concern that the move would lead to earlier morning departures for those travelling from B.C. to Alberta, and might have prompted some travellers to avoid the province altogether.