An Alberta couple is giving away a trip for two to Hawaii to “the most loving person in Central Alberta,” and they’re looking for nominations.

Cody and Eva Borek received the free trip when they purchased a vehicle from a local dealership in Stettler, Alta. Though the weather is less than balmy in the small town east of Red Deer, the two decided the tropical getaway should be paid forward to someone who warms the hearts of others instead.

The two decided to part ways with the trip of lifetime just days after purchasing their vehicle.

“We talked about it, and we wanted to do something to give back,” Cody Borek said. “And that's when we decided on the trip.”

The two set up of a Facebook page for Albertans to nominate people they think are deserving of a free vacation. After a few days, more than 100 people have had their names put forward.

The trip is a five-day stay at a five-star hotel on the American islands, including the return flight. According to the Facebook page, the Boreks want the trip to go to someone who “lives like Christ.”

“This does not mean they have to be a Christian,” reads the page. “This only means they must be loving, forgiving, caring, and compassionate.”

The dealership that gave away the trip is lending a hand to help the two pick a worthy nominee from the long list.

The couple say they will choose their winner on Jan. 25. And though narrowing the list down to one person will be difficult, Borek said the traits he’s looking for are simple.

“Just somebody who lives a really good life and is good to others, that's the only criteria,” he said. “It's going to break my heart to choose just one because I've been getting a lot of people who are really deserving.”

With a report from CTV Edmonton