Some people cut down their own tree, make a gingerbread house, watch a favourite holiday film or even slap some antlers on their car. 

The holiday season holds different traditions for different people, but for one Nova Scotia woman, it’s all about breaking world records.

Carolann Naugle is looking to beat the record this year for making the most Christmas wreaths in a 24-hour period.

While the current title belongs to an American -- who managed to make 55 wreaths in a single day-- Naugle said she plans to beat that record by making at least 60 wreaths.

Naugle is no stranger to the Christmas wreath: She’s a professional wreath-maker who already broke a record for creating the world’s largest in 2008. That wreath was nearly 77 metres in diameterand took more than three months to create.

And Naugle attempted to break another record in November 2010, when she tried her hand at creating the world’s longest strip of garland.While the garland measured nearly one kilometre in length, it ultimately fell short of the title based on technicalities.

“They wanted me to beat an unnatural (garland) made with paper flowers,” she told CTV Atlantic, adding that she didn’t think natural and artificial garlands should be put in the same category.

While the politics of breaking world records hasn’t deterred her from her next challenge, Naugle said this might be her last attemptto get her name in the books.

“I would say I probably won’t do anymore (after this) but you never know,” she said. “I just like the challenge of doing things like this.”

With files from CTV Atlantic