TORONTO -- A humorous 911 call has a Toronto-area police service reminding people only to call that number in emergency situations – and not when upset with sandwich toppings.

Peel Regional Police released audio of the call Saturday. It's not clear when it was initially placed.

In the call, a man can be heard requesting police assistance because he claimed to have been "threatened by an owner … regarding my food."

The dispatcher was able to figure out that the man was an unhappy customer at a restaurant. She asked the man to explain the situation in more detail.

"Well, I ordered a chicken sandwich, and basically the owner – I told him right before I ordered, I can't eat tomatoes because I'm allergic," the man replied.

"I was like, OK, at that time, it happened last week where I ordered something and it was to go and I got tomatoes and I can't eat tomatoes."

Now understanding what the caller was talking about, the dispatcher told him in no uncertain terms not to call again.

"This has nothing to do with the police, OK sir? Much less a 911," she said.

"Please don't call 911 in the future for fried chicken mishaps."

In their tweet containing the audio of the call, Peel police suggested that the man could have handled the situation more appropriately by talking to the restaurant's manager or calling the chain's head office.

They urged people only to call 911 "if someone's health, safety, or property is in immediate danger or if there is a crime in progress."