1. With stormy weather delaying the search for debris from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, China is demanding that Malaysian authorities hand over the satellite data used to determine that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Furious family members of Chinese passengers on board also protested outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing Tuesday, accusing Malaysian authorities of lying about the crash.

2. A Saskatoon man is “seriously ill” with a suspected case of viral hemorrhagic fever after returning from a trip to Liberia, where an outbreak of Ebola has spread from neighbouring Guinea. Doctors have not yet identified the nature of his illness.

3. Toronto police travelled to Apple’s California offices so they could gain access to the iPhone of Rob Ford’s associate Alexander “Sandro” Lisi. Read about the latest in the ongoing investigation.

4. The single biggest environmental health risk is… pollution. According to the World Health Organization, it kills about 7 million people worldwide every year. More than half of those deaths are from the fumes of indoor stoves.

5. And if you need some motivation to get productive today, read this story of a Grade 6 student in Oklahoma City who sold more than 18,100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in seven weeks, breaking a record set in the 1980s. How did Katie Francis do it? She simply asked everyone she met to buy some cookies.