A Toronto doctor scored a major thrift-shop find, after discovering a flight suit she picked up on sale for $40 once belonged to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Dr. Julielynn Wong said that at first she thought the blue, badge-covered suit was simply a replica created by a "hardcore" space enthusiast. But after she reached out to Hadfield over Facebook, the two determined that it was the same suit the astronaut wears in a photo that appears in one of his books.

Wong told CTV News Channel that neither she nor Hadfield have any idea how the suit ended up in a thrift store in Toronto's trendy Queen Street West area.

"We have no idea," she said. "But remember, Chris has had a lot of flight suits over the years, so it's possible that one actually was donated to a warehouse and then ended up in a thrift shop."

And it turns out that Wong and Hadfield have more in common than just the blue suit – they both are pilots, and graduated from the same flight school. "So it's nice to be able to wear this suit," she said.

Wong said she brings the suit with her when she gives public talks on 3-D printing and medical supplies, even passing it out for audience members to examine.

"I think it helps inspire the next generation of space pioneers and innovators," she said.