Toronto police have released the results of four investigations in which large quantities of drugs and guns were seized, leaving 28 people facing hundreds of charges.

They say officers seized more than 20 firearms, motor vehicles, $3.2 million in cash, 115 kilograms of cocaine, 112 kilograms of marijuana, 44 kilograms of MDMA, 3.5 kilograms of heroin, one kilogram of fentanyl, and other drugs during projects Aqua, Panda, Gallo and Drizzle.

Eight people are charged in Project Aqua, which police say focused on a well-organized partnership allegedly trafficking large amounts of powder cocaine across the GTA and Kitchener, Ont., using hidden compartments in their vehicles.

Four people are charged in Project Panda, which investigators say targeted a group of people allegedly trafficking controlled substances and firearms throughout the GTA and Simcoe County.

Police say 15 people are charged in an investigation into the alleged trafficking of large amounts of powder cocaine and MDMA across Toronto and the GTA using hidden compartments in their vehicles, dubbed Project Gallo.

And police say they seized two kilograms of cocaine, a cocaine press, two handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a man in Project Drizzle.

The investigations were carried out over the past three months.